Solar LED Street Lights

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    DC 12/24V
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    5 year
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    Zhongshan / Shenzhen
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    1-15 days
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LEDcent Solar LED Street Light, 30-150W with 3 Year Warranty

LEDcent dawn series solar LED street light, is one of the best solar street light in China;

We adopt our own patent modular design 5 patent LED street light, with Bridgelux COB chips; 

patent technology controller for 40-50% energy saving;

Nanotechnology for lead-acid battery, water proof IP67. B5B Monocrystalline solar panel for high power conversion up to 17%, with at least 20 years lifespan.

Solar LED street light usually used in the equator area, and tropical countries, with lots of advantages:

1. Only consume solar energy, save city power.

2. Easy installation, free of maintenance.

3. Solar street light don't need power wire pavement work, save cost for construction.

4. Long lifespan, our solar street light has 3 year warranty, but can work 3-5 years enven longer time.

5. Smart controller, with timer function, first few hours full power running, latter few hours 50-60 power running, last few hours 30-40% power running for more energy saving, reduce the size of solar panel and battery.

6. Our Dawn series solar street light can work under extreme environment, -25 ~ +55 ℃, like Afirca and Russia.

Solar LED street light

LED street light with solar panel

1、We use a higher luminous efficiency of the COB LED chip to ensure that solar street lights have a better performance output;
2、Pure copper chip holder, providing a strong thermal conductivity LED chip capacity;
3、The use of Dow Corning silicone encapsulation, to provide a more stable light-emitting chip environment;
4、Gold-free package  technology for LED chip optional,  greatly extend the life of the light source;
solar powered LED street light

1、6030T high-performance aluminum alloy determines its physical properties, this radiator has excellent thermal conductivity, strength, toughness, weather resistance;
2、Surface anodizing treatment, with good anti-corrosion properties;
3、Radiator fin corrugated design, large area to increase the thermal radiation capacity;
4、Thermal design has a strong air convection capacity, can quickly take away the heat of solar street light;

Solar LED street light

1、Professional batwing lighting distribution, 135 ° beam angle;

2、More professional LED solar street light distribution, the light can be more uniform output to the lighting area;
3、A grade optical glass, light transmission rate of 92%;

LED street light with solar panel

All fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel

solar powered LED street light

1、Modular design, lamps can quickly complete with the disassembly and maintenance;
2、Single module damage does not affect the work of other modules;

Solar LED street light

Patent design, open the lamp cavity in 2 seconds, to maintain the interior of the lighting fixture;

1、Lamps can achieve ± 15 ° multi-angle adjustment;
2、The series of LED solar street light has excellent protection, protection rating of IP67;
3、Through the professional wind tunnel test, the maximum wind speed 65m / s (i.e 17 level of the hurricane) environment, no deformation and loosening firmly;
LED street light with solar panel

1、Polysilicon solar PV modules, the conversion rate of more than 17%;
2、Monocrystalline silicon solar PV modules, the conversion rate of more than 19%;
3、With a strong compressive capacity, can withstand 3800 Pa pressure and 5400 Pa snow pressure;
4、Surface covered with nano-coating, with automatic cleaning function;
5、Can work in low light conditions, maximum utilizing solar energy converting it to electric energy;

solar powered LED street light

1、The use of high-quality solar dedicated battery to ensure the stability of LED solar street lights working;
2、According to different application of the environment, we provide lithium batteries, gel batteries, lead-acid batteries, and other different types of products;

1、PWM charging;
2、High precision constant current control, the highest efficiency up to 96%;
3、Realize multi section dimming, 0-15 hours can be set, 0-100% power can be set;
4、Automatically adjusting load power according to battery power;
5、With over charge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, reverse connection protection;

1、More professional solar LED street lamp special connectors optional, protection class IP68;
2、Strong corrosion resistance and aging resistance;
3、Plug and play, can achieve rapid installation;


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