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LEDCENT series 200w LED street light 5 years warranty

  • Item No. :

  • Input voltage :

  • Power :

  • Luminous flux :

  • LED light source :

    Philips 3030 Osram 3030
  • Driver :

    MeanWell/ Moso/Inventronics
  • PF :

  • CRI :

  • Luminous efficiency :

  • Color temperature :

  • Working temperature :

  • IP rating :

  • Warranty :

    5 years
  • Product origin :

  • Brand :

  • Shipping port :

  • Color :

  • Lead time :

    1-30 days
  • Payment :

    T/T Paypal L/C
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Product details

1、Excellent heat dissipation structure

Realized LED lamps 12H*365 days continuous lighting.
2、Intelligent lighting

Compatible with automatic light control, DALI, ZIGGBE and 0-10V dimming system

3、Using PHILPS high brightness chip

The luminance is 20% higher than the traditional luminaire


Remote switch: can be any one, all the way or a set of custom LED street lamp remote switch control;

Remote dimming: can be any one, all the way or a custom set of LED street light control;

Status query: can always check the street lamp switch state, brightness, current, voltage, power and other data;

Automatic inspection: the system has the function of automatic inspection, can replace the manual inspection;

Automatic operation: the system can automatically set up a good lighting strategy, can achieve the timing switch lights, sub-time dimming;

Scene lighting: can be customized to set any partition, group, time and compartment lights illuminate;

Fault alarm: can achieve fault alarm, fault detection, fault handling tracking function;
Remote meter reading: no need to go to the scene through the system to understand the situation of street lights, can query the electricity using history within a year with electricity meter ;
Data report: daily, monthly and annual statistics of power consumption, energy saving rate and other data, and generate related statements;
History records: can save at least one year of operating history, can be traced back to the operation error problems;
System display: can display the system structure and related important information;
Equipment management: can manage single lamp controller, centralized manager and other equipment, including entry, modify, delete, query and other functions;
Hierarchical permissions: different levels of users can set up different management areas and operating permissions;
Map function: system integration GIS geographic information system, can view and manage any one LED street lights on the map;
Scalability: The system uses B / S architecture, providing open interface, access to intelligent city platform.


Subject : LEDCENT series 200w LED street light 5 years warranty

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