China 50W COB Bridgelux LED Street Light Retrofit

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  • Input voltage :

    AC85-265 50/60HZ
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  • LED light source :

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  • Luminous efficiency :

  • Color temperature :

  • Working temperature :

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  • Warranty :

    5 years
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    Shenzhen/ Zhongshan/ Guangzhou
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    Black/white/blue etc
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    1-30 days
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Product details

LC-L001 series 50W COB LED Street Light Retrofit with Bridgelux chip

50W LED street light retrofit is suitable to install on 6 meters tall lamp pole, to replace traditional 100W-150W sodium street light, widely used in residential area and rural road. The luminous efficiency is much higher than the suppliers in the same industry.

LC-L001 series COB LED street light retrofit can suitable for all kinds of extreme climate, with stable performance under -40-50℃ temperature. It is largely used in Russia, Africa, Xinjiang province, Northeast China.,etc.

LC-L001 LED street light retrofit design:

Module design, if LED chip or driver malfunction, can be replaced within 2 minute.

Just take out the screw on both side, the module can be take out easily.


1、We use a higher luminous efficiency of the LED Bridgelux chip to ensure that COB LED street lights have a better performance output;
2、Pure copper chip holder, providing a strong thermal conductivity LED chip capacity;
3、The use of Dow Corning silicone encapsulation, to provide a more stable light-emitting chip environment;
4、Gold-free package  technology for LED chip optional,  greatly extend the life of the light source;


1、6030T high-performance aluminum alloy determines its physical properties, this radiator has excellent thermal conductivity, strength, toughness, weather resistance;
2、Surface anodizing treatment, with good anti-corrosion properties;
3、Radiator fin corrugated design, large area to increase the thermal radiation capacity;
4、Thermal design has a strong air convection capacity, can quickly take away the heat of solar street light;


1、Professional batwing type lighting distribution, 135 ° beam angle;

2、More professional LED solar street light distribution, the light can be more uniform output to the lighting area;
3、A grade optical glass, light transmission rate of 92%;


All fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel

1、An excellent product always working with a high-quality drive;
2、We provide products with 5-years warranty assurance, the stable working life of more than 8 years;


1、Modular design, lamps can quickly complete with the disassembly and maintenance;
2、Single module damage does not affect the work of other modules;

1、Lamps can achieve ± 15 ° multi-angle adjustment;
2、The series of LED street lighting has excellent protection, protection rating of IP67;
3、Through the professional wind tunnel test, the maximum wind speed 65m / s (i.e 17 level of the hurricane) environment, no deformation and loosening firmly;

ZIBEE remote control technology

LED chip: Bridgelux chip from USA, 110lm/w to 130lm/w

LED driver: Meanwell/MOSO/Philips driver, with stable performance, the working lifespan can be over 8 years.

Heat dissipation: high thermal conductivity, high purity aluminum alloy.

More safe: Each lamp with a security steel rope, when lamp pole was hit violently, the lamp will not fall off.

IP rating: LC-L001 series LED street light is IP67 rated, can be put in water without malfunction.

Intelligent Energy saving: can be half power running late in the night.

LED light distribution curve: Batwing offer wide luminate

Spigot angle: 5-10 degree adjustable.

Fastening accessories: 304 stainless steel, never rust.

Surge protection: 10KV

Other function: Zigbee intellient control, malfunction alarm, single lamp control, digital camera, wifi.,etc.

Application: All kinds of street/road lighting

Product parameters

  Model : 




  Luminare Flux 


  Color Temperature 

 2700 ~ 6500K 

  Color Rending Index 


  Input Voltage 

 AC 85~265V 

  Lightening Protector 




  Applicable temperature    

 -40 ℃ ~ 55 ℃

  Applicable height

 6 ~ 8 meters

  Applicable distance

 25 to 30 meters



Comparision before and after retrofit


Our succesful cases for LED street light LC-L001

About LEDcent 

     Zhonogshan LEDcent Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a LED street light manufacturer which is located in one of China lighting capital-Zhongshan city. With registered capital 51million RMB, honored as China High-Tech Enterprise, Guangdong Bench Marking Enterprise, Key Supplier for Government. With branches in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shenyang, Hainan, Yunnan, Xinjiang., with over 160 marketing center. Our products are widely export to over 20 countries worldwide. We are professional in design and develop, manufacture and export all kinds of LED street light, LED tunnel light, LED flood light, LED wall washer, LED highbay light.,etc.

     Equipped with high-end and automatic production line, with our professional R&D team, every piece of our products are masterpieces, all products are produced strictly in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001 quality, enviromental, healthy system. Our products have passed CQC, CE, FCC, ROHS, energy saving certifications.


Subject : China 50W COB Bridgelux LED Street Light Retrofit

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