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Shanghai's intelligent system is powerful and specializes in pedestrian red light!
  • November 30,2018.
Ground Light Reminds "Low Head Family"

This new pedestrian crossing system consists of two parts: the pedestrian tip column and the pavement lighting facility. When the pedestrian signal light at the intersection is red, the LED lighting tiles on both sides of the sidewalk are illuminated red. When a pedestrian red light is detected, the directional microphone automatically sends out "You have crossed the red line, please return to wait". Prompt language. At this time, the crosswalk lights are red and bright, which is intended to indicate that the “low-headed family” is forbidden to pass; and the traffic lights of the vehicles are bright green, indicating that the motor vehicles can pass.

The system can also automatically detect pedestrians' red light violations, and conduct on-site warnings through the on-screen display of the LCD screen and the voice prompt function. At the same time, the pedestrians are suspected of red light violations, and the public security traffic police department will process the evidence afterwards.

According to the police, the system consists of two parts: the pedestrian prompt column and the pavement lighting facility. Pedestrian warning column has high integration, including 9 megapixel video detector, signal detector, HD fixed focus lens, LCD outdoor display, LED outdoor waterproof screen, outdoor sound column, pedestrian traffic lights, pedestrian signal lights, top pan/tilt camera, Equipment such as operation and maintenance modules are rich in functions and functions.

The surface roughness of the illuminating floor tiles is equivalent to the friction coefficient and the asphalt. The hardness is almost comparable to that of the steel plate. It can not only effectively remind pedestrians to pass the crosswalk line safely according to traffic signals, but also increase the identification of pedestrians on the crosswalk line by motorists at night.

Attracting a Lot of Attention from Tourists at Home and Abroad
This equipment has attracted the attention of many tourists at home and abroad. Mr. Li from Zhejiang came to Shanghai during the long vacation, and walked from Nanjing East Road to the Bund, and saw the “lighting sidewalk that had never been seen anywhere else”. He said: "This kind of equipment is very good. Nowadays, many people will watch mobile phones when they walk. The ground system with the same line of sight can attract the attention of the 'low-headed people'."

It is understood that the system has been installed at more than ten important intersections in Shanghai. Most of them will be located in the road around the first China International Import Expo, which will be fully launched.

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