LED Flood Lights
Lighting design method of LED flood lighting
  • February 27,2017.
LED flood lighting

Usually use LED flood light to illuminate a scene or target, the purpose of flood lighting is a variety of, one for safety or can continue to working at night, such as car parking, freight yard, etc .; The second is to highlight A sign or sign that makes a building more visible in the night.

LED flood lighting requirements
1, In the near to see the details of the building facade details of the material and texture, etc., In the distance to see the building volume and facade light color.
2, To master the characteristics of the building facade, from several different angles in order to produce a significant three-dimensional sense, in particular resulting in the effect of light color level.  
3, To highlight the irradiation facade, make it form a contrast with the surrounding environment, give full play to the supporting roles of the surrounding environment.  
4, to understand the building facade material to the light reflection ratio, on this basis to determine the required illumination.

Thus, the rational use of lighting color is very important to grasp the characteristics and architectural style, artistic conception of the building and so on, to find different angles of light cast the most striking feature, choose to watch the highest elevation irradiation surface.

LEDCENT optoelectronics Design essentials of LED flood lighting

LED lighting should not make the objects "submerged in the light of the ocean." By giving more or less illumination or shadows in adjacent areas, the LED lighting should be able to show the undulating contours of the different planes and components of the object. So, the number of LED Floodlights, location, and the projection angle is the key issues.

Projection angle and direction

In general, the use of a separate group of LED light projection in the same direction to the subject, or from two directions in contrast to the tone projection, It can be enhanced three-dimensional effect. In order to see the shadows and surface fluctuations, the direction of illumination should be different from the observation direction, the angle of the two directions should be at least 45 degrees. However, it is not possible to strictly abide by the rules for a monument that can be seen from several places. The main observation points should be selected.

Projection distance and brightness

At night, the visibility of architecture and sculpture detail mainly depends on the brightness,therefore, LED light can be set according to the needs of distance or close distance, can also be exposed or concealed settings, can also be exposed or set in a subtle manner. Long distance projection can improve the brightness uniformity; short distance projection is emphasized by the first detail and texture.The average brightness of the upper part is 2 to 4 times lower than that of the entire face, and the observer may have the same feeling of brightness in the upper and lower portions.

How to prevent glare from flood lighting
The main factors that cause glare are: the brightness of the light source; the location of the light source; the contrast with the surrounding lighting environment; the appearance and size of the light source, etc. How to control the uncomfortable glare in the flood lighting design?
In some cities along the street shops, often see signs, advertising signs are used LED lighting, but the choice of light and brightness of the surrounding environment is too large, the angle of installation is unreasonable,As well as the surface of many signs using mirror treatment, which are caused by uncomfortable glare.

Therefore when we make the signs, billboards of LED lighting design, should considering the surrounding lighting conditions, signs of the illumination in general 100 ~ 500lx, in order to ensure a better uniformity, the installation of signs, billboards above the fixture spacing should be 2.5 to 3 times the length of the bracket, If the interval is too wide, it will produce fan-shaped bright area. If use the side lighting, to consider the shielding of LED lamps, so that unnecessary light as much as possible to reduce. In the lighting of the building, the lighting is basically from the bottom up, not easy to cause glare.

LED flood light matching with the surrounding environment
If the tall roads on both sides of the city are using the same lighting, then it will give people a insipid, even dull feeling. So how to solve this phenomenon?
1, To considering the combination of building materials and light sources, the light intensity of the building is generally between 15 to 450lx, depending on the size of the surrounding lighting conditions and the reflection of building materials;
2, To consider the combination of the shape of the building and the color of the light source. According to the shape of the building can choose color lighting, in the front and side of the building between the obvious color contrast, add a festive atmosphere;
3, Building flood lighting and neon lighting combined. For the building lighting, a single flood lighting is not enough, but also combine with the neon lighting, In a building building lighting design, the group floor can be decorated with neon lights, the main building can be cast light, according to the shape of the building selection neon, forming a main lighting effect. Special buildings can be equipped with special lighting effects to make the building and the environment complement each other.

From the perspective of architectural night lighting, no matter use what kind of lighting, the basic purpose should be to express architectural functions, architectural culture connotation, to improve the recognition at night, as one of the ways of cultural transmission. Personally think that the high pole or pole flood light way, the width of the angle of the light cast light way, as well as LED wall washer light uniform light and so can be called flood lighting.

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