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LED Industry Should Pay Attention to User Health
  • November 30,2018.
Comfortable and healthy lighting is a new demand for consumption. What kind of light source is a comfortable and healthy light source? Human beings have lived on Earth for millions of years and are constantly evolving as the living environment changes, but the only constant is the dependence and adaptation to sunlight. Therefore, it can be considered that natural light or sunlight is the most comfortable and healthy light source for human beings. Therefore, when manufacturers introduce health lighting products, they will almost always use the sun as a benchmark, which is similar to sunlight and even better than sunlight.

The spectrum of sunlight includes spectral curves of ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared light, which can be called full spectrum. The natural light full spectrum LED light source means that the proportion of each band in the visible light portion of the LED light source is similar to that of sunlight, and the color rendering index is close to 100. The traditional LED light source, the main mode of illumination is about 450nm wavelength, the blue chip excites the phosphor to form white light, which causes the blue radiation to be too heavy, and lacks some blue-green and deep red light, especially some inferior light source products, which easily lead to vision. Eye diseases of varying degrees such as decline, cataract, and blindness. Therefore, high-quality natural light full spectrum LED light source has become a new trend in the development of healthy and comfortable lighting.

The current LED full-spectrum light source mainly has two solutions. One is a method of exciting the phosphor by a 450-460 nm blue chip. Ra can improve the color rendering index and light efficiency by improving the phosphor, and Ra can reach 97 or more, but still exhibits higher performance. The blue peak of intensity is only that the coverage band of the phosphor is wider than ordinary LED to improve Ra and R9, the continuity of the spectrum is not perfect, and the intensity ratio of each band is very different from that of solar energy. Therefore, the advantage of this solution for health lighting is not obvious, it is mainly used in commercial lighting, and the high color rendering index is its main advantage.

Another solution is to excite RGB multi-color phosphors with a violet chip to achieve a continuous spectrum, unlike the lack of blue-green and deep red coverage like two-color phosphors. The light source of this scheme maximizes the proximity to the solar spectrum, achieving high reduction, high saturation, and avoiding the appearance of short-wave blue light. Although the light effect will be sacrificed, there is room for improvement.

As people's living standards continue to improve, health issues will receive more and more attention. As one of the main driving forces of the human circadian rhythm system, light, whether it is natural sunlight or artificial light source, will trigger a series of circadian rhythm reactions. Health lighting, popular point of view is through lighting, can improve and improve people's work, study, life conditions and quality, and promote mental and physical health lighting, which is the vision of many LED manufacturers. Health lighting is an important trend in the development of future lighting, and LED full spectrum light source is the main way to achieve healthy lighting.

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