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Best Price 150W UFO LED High Bay Light from China Manufacturer

  • Item No. :

  • Input voltage :

    AC 85~265V
  • Power :

  • Luminous flux :

  • LED light source :

    Philips 3030
  • Driver :

    Mean Well/ Moso/ Philips
  • PF :

  • CRI :

  • Luminous efficiency :

  • Color temperature :

  • Working temperature :

  • IP rating :

  • Warranty :

    5 year
  • Product origin :

  • Brand :

  • Color :

  • Lead time :

    1-30 days
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Best Price 150W UFO LED High Bay Light from China Manufacturer

The feature of UFO led high bay light

UFO LED high bay light

Using ADC12 aluminum alloy and die casting technology to manufacture high bay light body;

Chimney strong conversion heat sink design, increase rising speed of heat air, high heat sink performance;

The surface is using the electrostatic spraying technology that resist liquids acids& bases and be anty-corrosion; 

UFO 150W LED high bay lighting

The luminous efficiency and brightness is not only due to the led chip and driver, but also the luminous transmittance of lens play an important role. A high performance protective cover can furthest increase the luminous transmittance to let the optical performance of products be most powerful.  

Best price LED high bay lights

The key of a product from design to development is not the brightness, luminous effective and performance, but safety.

Ledcent always regard the stability and safety of product as the most important thing;

High strength aluminum alloy ensure the steadiness after installing.

China UFO LED High Bay Light

Philips is a name that mean high quality. Using Philips 3030 led chip has a series of great features of low heat resistance, high heat proof,

and high luminous efficiency.  

A good product can not without a good quality driver;

We supply 5 years warranty, the lifespan of products is more than 8 years;

Support microwave radar induction;

Detect human or vehicle, dimming or switch on/off automatically; 

The sensing Range is Φ8*15H meter;

Support DALI system, ZigBee remote control, 0~10v dimming control;

UFO LED high bay light supplier


Subject : Best Price 150W UFO LED High Bay Light from China Manufacturer

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