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100W 10,000 lumen UFO LED High Bay Lighting with 5 Year Warranty

  • Item No. :

  • Input voltage :

    AC 85~265V
  • Power :

  • Luminous flux :

  • LED light source :

    Philips 3030
  • Driver :

    Mean Well/ Moso/ Philips
  • PF :

  • CRI :

  • Luminous efficiency :

  • Color temperature :

  • Working temperature :

  • IP rating :

  • Warranty :

    5 year
  • Product origin :

  • Brand :

  • Color :

  • Lead time :

    1-30 days
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Product details

High Lumen 100W UFO LED High Bay Lighting with 5 Year Warranty

The feature of UFO led high bay light

UFO 100W LED high bay light

Using ADC12 aluminum alloy and die casting technology to manufacture high bay light body;

Chimney strong conversion heat sink design, increase rising speed of heat air, high heat sink performance;

The surface is using the electrostatic spraying technology that resist liquids acids& bases and be anty-corrosion; 

LED high bay lighting

The luminous efficiency and brightness is not only due to the led chip and driver, but also the luminous transmittance of lens play an important role. A high performance protective cover can furthest increase the luminous transmittance to let the optical performance of products be most powerful.  

100W LED high bays

The key of a product from design to development is not the brightness, luminous effective and performance, but safety.

Ledcent always regard the stability and safety of product as the most important thing;

High strength aluminum alloy ensure the steadiness after installing.

Philips is a name that mean high quality. Using Philips 3030 led chip has a series of great features of low heat resistance, high heat proof,

and high luminous efficiency. 

A good product can not without a good quality driver;

We supply 5 years warranty, the lifespan of products is more than 8 years.

Support microwave radar induction;

Detect human or vehicle, dimming or switch on/off automatically; 

The sensing Range is Φ8*15H meter;

Support DALI system, ZigBee remote control, 0~10v dimming control;

5 Year warranty LED high bay lights


Subject : 100W 10,000 lumen UFO LED High Bay Lighting with 5 Year Warranty

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